BarCamp Sheffield Diary: Saturday

Predictably, BarCamp sheffield 2008 2nd day started way to early for me (what with yesterday evening and BarCamp being in a Bar…). I managed to drag myself out of bed in time to get down to the venue, Sheffield’s Showroom cinema, at around 9:30am. The sausage, bacon and egg breakfast waiting for me there was most welcome and set me up nicely to start taking in some really well put together and fascinating talks.
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BarCamp Sheffield Diary: Friday

I was catching up with superjeans earlier and Sheffield barcamp came up. Turns out that there’s a few folks at work that are interested in what happens but can’t make it – so it looks like I’m blogging about what goes on.
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Google Docs – Oh, So Close…

So I thought I’d try Google Docs. Sounds pretty promising – a way to store your documents ‘in the cloud’, so you can get to them from anywhere, edit them using online tools, share them with others and bolt a bit of code onto OpenOffice so you can upload and download documents just like they’re on your local filesystem. Continue reading “Google Docs – Oh, So Close…”

Installing Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)

Ubuntu 8.10 has been released today, and given the leaps forward in ease-of-use and presentation that the last few releases have made, I’ve been counting the days. There’s always the option of upgrading, or even just leaving /home unformatted when you reinstall. Personally, I always like to do a clean install of the distro when it’s released, giving me a shiny clean system every six months.  The downside is that I always forget to back up something, so I thought I’d post up my experiences this time so that I don’t get caught out by the same old stuff next time – so I guess this is a basic pre- and post-install guide for Ubuntu 8.10. Continue reading “Installing Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)”