Nexus and OpenJDK

An odd one tonight, using the Nexus Repository Manager with OpenJDK, the open source Java implementation. Nexus mostly works fine, but fails to re-index the public repository group with (according to the wrapper log) a JVM crash.

jvm 1    | 2010-06-21 20:55:11 INFO  [pool-1-thread-1] – o.s.n.i.DefaultInde~          – Cascading merge of group indexes for group “public”, where repository “releases” is member.
wrapper  | JVM exited unexpectedly.
wrapper  | JVM exited in response to signal UNKNOWN (11).

The problem manifested in the Eclipse IDE when the repositories view wouldn’t update, showing an empty folder under the Nexus public repo.

Switching out the OpenJDK implementation for the Sun implementation fixes the problem, and now re-indexing the public repository group works fine. Bug report NEXUS-3603 raised, but if you’re seeing this issue swapping the Java implementations seems to work.


End of Patterns for e-Business

Well, the P4EB exam was last week, so that wraps up that module – unless something goes terribly, terribly wrong and I have to resit!

The exam deviated from the previous years’ exams quite a bit. In two parts, the first part being pretty much just bookwork, the second part being a choice of three questions and more analysis based. In previous years, the second part was a set of three standalone questions, which meant that they were pretty well defined and it was fairly easy to see what knowledge the question wanted you to demonstrate.

This year, the second part consisted of business description and context diagram that was then used as the basis for all three questions. I thought that the questions weren’t so well defined, and so I’m not totally sure how much or little I should have answered with. Oh well – time will tell!

That’s also half-way through the taught part of the course – three down, three to go. For the last three I’ll be heading back to Computer Science modules, probably centred on Logic, Ontologies and Natural Language Processing – which means that I need to spend some quality time with mathematical logic this summer ready for next year.