Give Me Just A Little More Time…

Time is short at the moment. I’m working through the maths I need to start my first MSc module on 12th November and I’m already suffering from a chronic lack of time, although that’s largely because I’m working like crazy to wrap up as much stuff as I can before the course actually starts.

I figure that I need make the most of my time when I have direct access to the University’s academic staff and resources.

In the time I have had, I’ve been working through material on logic. Turns out that despite having been programming computers for years I know very little about this subject!

Oh, and before I get too much abuse, “Give Me Just A Little More Time” is a great Motown tune by Chairmen of the Board… there are many reasons to doubt my musical integrity, but being a big 90’s-era Kylie fan isn’t one of them.

As I don’t have a whole lot to say on the academic front this time, I’ll mention this great example of the power of CSS that’s really inspired me to be a little more stylish…



Author: brabster

Software developer in the North of England

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