Pouring liquid gold from a crucible


AWS CloudFormation Templates, built with Clojure.

(def shef)

(def shef) is a monthly functional programming meetup based in Sheffield. I took over organiser duties in June 2016. Details of past and upcoming events can be found at http://defshef.github.io


I ran a couple of workshops for (def shef) about the k-nearest neighbour classifier and then on neural networks in 2017. Both were well-attended and well-received, so I decided to try running a dedicated machine learning meetup. SheffieldML started in November 2017 and runs monthly.

Presentations and Workshops

A Functional Machine Learning Classifier Introducing machine learning concepts like features, training and validation using the classic Iris dataset. Intended to prepare for a workshop in which you implement your own k-nearest neighbour classifier. Presented to (def shef) in 2017, then SheffieldML and Manchester Lambda Lounge in 2018. Intro to Feature Selection Workshop Using a … Continue reading “Presentations and Workshops”

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