Pattern-Based Software Dev – Day 4

The material for day 4 focussed on Business Process Modelling. This sits orthogonally to Patterns for e-Business, defining business functions over their architecture.

There are two notations for Business Processes put forward – BPMN and UML Use Case/Activity Diagrams. My part of the coursework assignment is to apply BPM to the some processes on the website, for which I’ve chosen Activity Diagrams and Visual Paradigm for UML. I did take a look at the implementations of BPMN, but I found a familiar pattern – they either didn’t work or cost $$$. Fortunately, VP is still serving me well.

The lab session was spent working with my team on the coursework and setting up tasks for the rest of week. As we’re producing a large report and taking different sections, we’ve set up a Google Docs site to drop working drafts onto to help us collaborate. It’s the first time I’ve used Google Docs like this and so far I like it, it’s responsive, intuitive and it’s easy to share a folder with a group of people, so for this kind of work it’s looking good.

In other news, the marks for the Machine Learning module are in and I’m very happy to have passed! That’s two modules, or one-quarter of my MSc done.


Author: brabster

Software developer in the North of England

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