Logic and Applications Coursework Catch-Up

The lecturers and demonstrators for the Logic and Applications course held a ‘coursework catch-up’ today, the idea being that we can see where we went wrong in the assessed coursework pieces we submitted.

I think a big thank-you is warranted to the demonstrators on the course, Adam and Mohammad. These guys have been really helpful over e-mail as I’ve been doing the coursework pieces at home. It’s a little tricky because they can’t answer questions that are too open, nor can they confirm whether an answer is right or wrong. What seems to have worked this time is asking whether a coursework answer suggests that I’ve understood a specific concept.

I could have understood it and still made some small error and so got the answer wrong, so there’s no big reveal about what the answer is. The couple of times where there was a problem with my understanding, the demonstrators could just suggest that I review the relevant concept. Lots of thanks to those guys anyway for their patience and help!

After reviewing my marked coursework, I found that where I’ve lost marks it’s because of nothing more serious than typos which is nice to know. Now the revision process starts and there’s plenty to chew on with this one!


Author: brabster

Software developer in the North of England

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