BarCamp Sheffield Diary: Sunday

As I’ve spent most of the weekend here at BarCamp and I’m off darn sarf tonight with work, I decided to spend the morning with my better half, getting to BarCamp at around midday. It’s been a great experience so far, with loads of people to talk to who have something interesting to say. I’ll do the diary thing, and then give up my top tips for BarCamp virgins, based on what I’ve seen and done this weekend.
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BarCamp Sheffield Diary: Saturday

Predictably, BarCamp sheffield 2008 2nd day started way to early for me (what with yesterday evening and BarCamp being in a Bar…). I managed to drag myself out of bed in time to get down to the venue, Sheffield’s Showroom cinema, at around 9:30am. The sausage, bacon and egg breakfast waiting for me there was most welcome and set me up nicely to start taking in some really well put together and fascinating talks.
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BarCamp Sheffield Diary: Friday

I was catching up with superjeans earlier and Sheffield barcamp came up. Turns out that there’s a few folks at work that are interested in what happens but can’t make it – so it looks like I’m blogging about what goes on.
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