Presentations and Workshops

A Functional Machine Learning Classifier

Introducing machine learning concepts like features, training and validation using the classic Iris dataset. Intended to prepare for a workshop in which you implement your own k-nearest neighbour classifier.

Presented to (def shef) in 2017, then SheffieldML and Manchester Lambda Lounge in 2018.

Intro to Feature Selection Workshop

Using a Jupyter notebook hosted on to walk through some basic data visualisation and feature selection techniques. Presented in SheffieldML, March 2018.

Infrastructure as Code (with AWS CloudFormation)

Why you need something like AWS CloudFormation, what basic templates look like and how they work. Presented to Sheffield DevOps in March 2017.

Introduction to AWS Lambda

What AWS Lambda is, how it works, when it might be a good solution and when it might not be. Presented to Sheffield DevOps in July 2016.


Author: brabster

Software developer in the North of England

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