One Down

Yep, I passed my first MSc module, fairly comfortably as it turns out. The results were posted up to an adminstrative system based on Peoplesoft when they were ratified. I’m pretty chuffed to have passed, to be honest.

The information and adminstrative facilities Manchester makes available online are great for me, being a little too far away to actually head along to thing when I feel like it. I’m also very lazy, so having to phone up tends to put me off too. I’ll go into some more about what’s available to help you avoid actual human contact in a later post as I think as it’s pretty relevant if you’re considering doing this kind of study.

So what now? Well, I’ve completed the certification I mentioned in my last post, which is one of the reasons I’ve not posted in a few weeks. That had pros and cons as as I expect you get with any professional certification, but overall I thought it was a very positive experience.

I note that in the weeks running up to my MSc exam and then to my certification, the sun was blazing and everyone else seemed to having a right old time. Within 60 minutes of my return home after my last exam, the rain was pelting down and it’s just been kinda nasty since. If only I could de-rationalise a little so that I could hold a divine entity of some description responsible, I’d feel much better about it.

In what’s left of the summer, I’m reading “Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach”, by Russell and Norvig, because I’m still considering trying to get some AI modules under my belt, and because it’s an interesting subject anyway. I’m also reading “Head First Design Patterns” by Freeman, Freeman, Bates and Sierra, because I want to know more about this approach to software design than I do.

If I have time, then continuing my dabbling with enterprise and semantic technologies will likely be the order of the day – and I might get round to updating this WP installation and blogging on a slightly more frequent basis.