Upgrade Over

…and it looks like blog.crossedstreams.com survived!

The upgrade process described on the WordPress site is a bit manual and nervewracking, but (for me, at least) it went like a treat. And WordPress 2.8.3 sure beats 2.3.whateverIwasonbefore for look, feel and features.

Maybe now I can get that permalinks thing sorted. I also hope that the upgrade should resolve the issue where the blog is cut short in RSS feeds, but that remains to be seen.

WordPress Upgrade Time

Ok, I’ve been running on the version of WordPress that my web hosting provider provided when I signed up, which was already quite out of date at the time.

Hey, I’ve been busy!

But now, it’s time. Time to do the backups, time to upgrade to the latest version, and it’s a big jump. So if this blog is never heard from again, at least you’ll know why.

Au revoir…