15 120ths of an MSc – Hopefully…

That’s it, first module all done.

Unless I failed the exam, of course, in which case I will be very sheepishly blogging to that effect and about my resit sometime over summer!

The weather in the UK has been absolutely gorgeous this last week whilst I’ve been trying to revise, giving me plenty of excuses to take breaks and get out of the house. Not to mention sitting in the garden soaking up the sunshine with my laptop. It’s easy to forget how convenient my home wireless network is, for me the technology has gone from science fiction to taken for granted in no time.

The exam was two hours, on a computer-based system called abc, which I think has been developed by the University of Manchester. It’s pretty good to use, automatically saving your responses to text-area based and multiple choice questions. You can hop backwards and forwards, with a timer on screen letting you know how long you have left.

Now, it’s time to start thinking about what happens next year… liking the look of Grid Computing, Ontologies, Machine Learning. Which means lots of reading and studying over summer!


Author: brabster

Software developer in the North of England

One thought on “15 120ths of an MSc – Hopefully…”

  1. Go for Grid Computing & Machine Learning, just beware of calling any systems skynet and T2000 😉

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