Getting ready for 2009-10

According to Manchester’s online timetables, my MSc course starts again in the week commencing 28 September.

This year, I’m much better organised. There’s no messing about with my University application, I know where the online resources are, I’ve done the journey a dozen times now and I have a much better idea of what I’m up against.

I’m hoping to be heading over to Manchester on the 23rd and 24th September to attend the last couple of days of Induction Week. This is when the lecturers running the MSc courses present on their courses and when I need to decide what I’m going to study this year.

Right now, I’m looking seriously at:

Machine Learning

Patterns for e-Business Applications

Building Web Applications

I’m looking forward to getting started and this time round I’ve been saving up my holidays at work so that I can take a couple of weeks off whilst I get into Induction Week and the first module of the year.

I’ll show my age and quote Whitesnake – “Here I go again”


Author: brabster

Software developer in the North of England

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