The Joy of Podcasts

Since I won an Apple iPod thing in a raffle last year, I’ve discovered the joy of podcasts.

It’s not the jump-up-and-down-singing kind of joy you might get if you thought you were out of beer and then found an ice-cold bottle of amber nectar behind a melon at the back of the fridge, but it’s not bad for free.

It’s good enough that these days I forgoe the tram in favour of enjoying a 50-minute walk to and then from work (much to my better half’s bewilderment at the apparent insanity of it) so that I can catch up with my listening.

Sharing what I listen to and why I like it’ll make good blog fodder, I figured – and make me have a look around and what’s new and out there that I’ve missed so far. Rather than write a loooong post on all the podcasts I listen to, I’m just going to give a quick review of the one that is probably the one I look forward to most right now, and follow up with others later.

So my pick of the day is… drum roll…

PRI’s The World: Technology

The WebsiteThe Feed

Clark Boyd produces a compelling weekly show clocking in around the 30-minute mark each week.

What’s Good

Mix leaning towards technology, but with regular diversions into other relevant subjects – last year there was a great story about the challenges in delivering AIDS drugs to where they’re needed in Africa.

The technology stories often consider political and social implications, making this a more rounded podcast than most I listen to.

Always great sound quality and clean production.

There are regular features, and Clark’s delivery reminds of a good radio show.

What’s Not So Good

Can’t fault it. Definitely one of my favourites.


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Software developer in the North of England

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